Rusty Hearts

Rusty Hearts 5.0

Brawler-style action RPG


  • Beautiful cell shaded graphics
  • Supports gamepad controller
  • Co-op gameplay
  • Tons of items and customizations
  • Free to play


  • Excruciatingly long installation and patching
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Linear levels


Rusty Hearts is a Japanese-style action role playing game that features MMORPG features and brawler style gameplay.

If you like Japanese RPGs dungeon-crawling, you're going to love Rusty Hearts. The game is littered with rich environments, fun gameplay, and tons of upgrades. Like with many Japanese RPGs, Rusty Hearts has a slightly contrived plot that doesn't really matter. Just hack and slash your way through various monsters to gain experience points and items.

Installation of Rusty Hearts is a bit of pain. You have to download a downloader to get the game. The download is huge, taking over an hour on our fast connection. After the download completes, Rusty Hearts will install the needed Direct X version. You'd think that'd be the end, but the game needs to be patched at first launch. When you've finally done all that, you can play.

Gameplay is fun but can get repetitive. Choose one of 4 different characters and control him or her with your keyboard or a gamepad. A gamepad with an analog stick for movement will definitely help, but playing with a keyboard is acceptable. Visit various linear dungeons and jump, hack, and slash your way through sections of the dungeons, one at a time. Rusty Heart's battle system is reminiscent of the Devil May Cry series. The combo system makes combat interesting. You can block and use special learned attacks to mix things up. Rusty Hearts also features some pretty intense boss battles.

Rusty Hearts lets you play cooperatively with another friend or with strangers. There are also tons of unlockables and skills to learn, rewarding loyal players. Rusty Hearts features a solid single player campaign and storyline with cut scenes littered throughout the game to give this free to play game a more immersive experience.

Overall, Rusty Hearts is a fun, action RPG. While installation woes and cheesy writing might turn players off, its fun gameplay and immersive world are more than enough to recommend this game.

Rusty Hearts


Rusty Hearts 5.0

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